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Sophia Loren photo Jayne Mansfield


Sophia Loren / Jayme Manfield

Romanoff's Restuarant

Hollywood 1957

In 1957 one photo came to life that became an international sensation. It might be the most famous case of celebrity shade-throwing ever: Sophia Loren casting a sideways glance at Mansfield’s huge cleavage. It became wildly famous for multiple reasons. As you can see, Loren’s expression in the picture alone says a lot.

The story goes that Italian actress Sophia Loren was being welcomed to Hollywood by Paramount Pictures at a dinner party at Romanoff’s restaurant in Beverly Hills. Loren had achieved considerable success in Europe as an actress. She had been the most photographed actor at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival.

During that same year, 20th Century-Fox had begun to market American actress Jayne Mansfield as the studio’s “blonde-bombshell” successor to Marilyn Monroe after the success of the 1956 film The Girl Can’t Help It. Mansfield, herself a successful actress with film and Broadway credits as well as having appeared in Playboy Magazine as the Playmate of the Month, was widely known for staging publicity stunts which garnered nationwide attention, such as when her top fell off in a pool while surrounded by journalists.

According to Loren, Mansfield was the last person to arrive at the dinner and walked directly to her table, where she was seated between Loren and her dinner companion Clifton Webb.

Mansfield, wearing a backless satin dress in her signature pink color with a deep, plunging neckline, was photographed at the table during the dinner as Loren looks on at her revealing dress. Mansfield’s dress, which was worn without a bra, appears to expose one of her nipples in some photos.

In this photo, you can actually see one of Manfield's Nipples

Overall, Loren was captured in several images staring at Mansfield’s exposed breasts. More than one photographer captured the moment; both Delmar Watson and Joe Shere caught Loren casting a glance from the corners of her eyes at Mansfield’s bust. Shere’s image received world-wide attention, appearing in newspapers and magazines with the word censored hiding the actress’s exposed bosom.





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