Thursday, March 3, 2022

Family Friends Dinner New York NY



Joe Macari, Eddie Macari, Dakota, Tommy Macari

Chris, Terik, Michele, Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Another dinner at Bar Pitti. There have been many over the years, both lunch and dinner, it's always a good time at Bar Pitti, a restaurant that makes some of the best Italian food in New York.

Cousin Joe gave me a call on Sunday saying he wanted to have a dinner at Bar Pitti this week. A great idea, as always. So Wednesday roll around and Joe calls me, and tell me they are on their way (Joe and Tommy).
A couple hours later, they call and tell me to meet them at Houston and Macdougal. It's Ash Wednesday and I was inside Saint Anthony's Church on Sullivan Street, so I was two minutes away. So I go over to Houston and Macdougal and I see Joe inside a Black Landrover. Joe says, "Tommy's inside (Song Napule Pizza), getting a Pizza." Cool. We wait in the SUV. Tommy caomes back with a nice Pizza Margherita. We're starting the day off right.

Pizza Margherita

Song Napule Pizzeria

I've been going to Sogno Toscano for the past 3 months and posting pictures on Instagram, so Tommy and Eddie have been wanting to go there, so before our dinner at Bar Pitti, we're head over there to drink a little wine and have some Salumi. It's myself, Tommy and Joe, and Terik and Tommy's friend Dakota meet up with us a bit later. We get a nice bottle of Sardinian Vermentino. 
Tommy orders a plate of Salumi and Cheese. Joe's looking at all the food products (Tarrali, Olive Oil, Pasta and assorted Italian Food Products) on the shelves, and says, "I gotta get a bag of some of this stuff." We drink the wine. It's really good. Everyone loves the place, the vibe, the workers, the Salumi, Formaggio, and everything about the place. It's really a nice little Italian Wine Bar / Salumeria, and they are doing well. Bravo.

Sogno Toscano

Perry Street, NY NY

A Glass of CHIANTI



We had a great time at Sogno Toscano. We finsih up and head over to Bar Pitti.


We get to Bar Pitti, and are warmly welcomed by Roberto, Enzo, and the guys.
Giovanni comes over and gives us the warmest welcome imaginiable. He hasn't seen Joe, Tommy, and Eddie in a while, and we're all hugs, and happy to see one another. We chat a few minutes and Giovanni puts down two bottles of Solaia, and says, "This is for you guys," My cousin Joe, says "No, you can't do this," but Giovanni won't take no for an answer, and says, "No baby, this is on me. It's from my own personal collection." I tell you, two bottles of Solaia 2017 is quite a nice gift. Giovanni says, "You guys never let us pay for the Pizza. This is on me." And so we drink the Solaia, and it's damn good. I Love it. Waht's not to love. If you know Soalai, you know what I'm talking about.

Michele comes in, and a few minutes later, Cousin Eddie arrives. We drink the wine, and are having quite a nice time, chit-chatting, and sipping on Solaia. We take quite a little while before we order some food, but when we do, it's serious.

"A Gift From GIOVANNI"

2 Bottles SOLAIA 2017

Excellent Wine

We finally get around to ordering, and we get Eggpkant Parmigiano, Meatballs,
Sauteed Spinach, and Shrimp. It's all good, especially the Melanzane Parmigiano, which is the best in town. I really love the way they make the Eggpalnt here. It is spot on and as good as can be.

We then had a pasta course of Spagehtti Vongole (Clam Sauce), Tortelloni that were quite tasty, and an awesome plate of Paparadelle with Duck Ragu. "Outstanding."



We order our main courses. I get the Bolito di Manza. It's boiled beef, and for those of you who do not know, it taste much better than it sounds. It's Beef Short Ribs and it's tasty and succulent. Joe got the Oxtails (Coda di Vaccinara), and iI was a lucky recipient of one of his Oxtails. Along with the Calves Liver, these two dishes (Bolito & Oxtails) are the dishes I get most, whenever I eat at Bar Pitti, a place I started going to with my ex-girlfriend Dante when the place first opened. I was one of their first customers. My girlfriend and I discovered it, ans started eating there every week. We told my friends John O', Michael, and Jorge about it, and we all started having lunch there (or Lanza's) every Saturday for lunch, befroe we all went into work at Les Halles's at night. Good times.

Well, back to our dinner last night. Everything was great. We all got to chat a lot and Michele was telling some great stories, including when her and Giovanni got married in Greve, at Vicchomaggio, an Italian Wine Estate that makes Chianti in the town of Greve.

We got some Panacotta for dessert, and Robero brought us all some Passito di Pantelleria Italian dessert wine on the house.

Yes, it was quite a nice night, and we were all happy to get together.

Basta and Ciao for now.

...... Daniele

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Daniel Bellino Zwicke



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